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December 13, 2013

A new I-Gate high speed internet connection is installed at EBIZ UPNORTH COMMUNICATIONS CO. corporate headquarters. The I-Gate of PLDT is a service that provides managed connectivity to the Global Internet.

Some features of I-gate are:

Diversely routed and congestion-free connectivity to the global Internet

High Speed fiber optic backbone connection to the US and Asia Pacific. Use of NxSTM1 (155Mbps) & nxSTM16 (2.4 Gbps) link between Philippines-US and Philippines-AsiaPac.

Fully-diversified international (submarine) cable systems. Use of at least 5 cable systems (GP, APCN 1 & 2, SMW3, and EAC)

Managed Network Connectivity to multiple US peering partners

Connectivity to the Asia-Pacific countries. Peering arrangements with at least seven (7) Asia-Pacific countries. These connections will help regionalize Internet traffic within the Asia-Pacific Region.

Easy Connectivity to PhIX. This provides customer local interconnection with other ISPs in the Philippines. PhIX is located near the I-Gate facility at MGO, Makati.

Highly Reliable IP switching Technology. Use of Cisco 7500 series routers - a high-end platform of multi-protocol routers which combines proven software technology with exceptional reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance features to meet the requirements of today's most miss ion-critical inter-networks.

Guaranteed Quality of Service. The network is designed to provide full redundancy in the physical level, I-Gate has redundant Core Switches and multiple Gateway Boarder Routers strategically located in separate Data Centers.

With this new connection, the company will continue to provide the best service to its members.

The connection is also a preparation for the launching of other services by the company.


November 15, 2013

EBIZ UPNORTH COMMUNICATIONS CO. will cancel its 3rd Year Anniversary celebration on January 5, 2014. The budget allocated for the said event will be donated to victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Introducing Our New Website

March 24, 2012

Today, we are happy to introduce our newly upgraded website.

Go to "Getting Started" page to get a glimpse of the public pages of the eBiz Upnorth website.  Click on the banners at the top portion of the page to read more about us, our services and how to use our all-in-one loading system.

Our members can also login to view secured pages.  Marketing Associates can now view their account status and their transactions online through this new website.  Business Associates can now view their account status, transactions, genealogy tree, retailers lists and pairing bonuses.  To login, use your mobile number as username and your MPIN as your password.

This is the initial version of this website and we continue to upgrade to give you a better user experience.  Enjoy surfing.

Our Goal

Is to continously  provide our members a fast and reliable all-in- one loading system.