Good news! For the first 100 members to reach an eload sales of 10,000 will get 100 wallet load. Valid from February 1-28, 2014 only. For more info click here.

Starting January 8, 2014, B.A. Activation PIN is now P4,800.00. It now includes 50 M.A. activation. Pairing bonuses can now be claimed as wallet load immediately.



Located in Baguio City, Philippines, eBIZ UPNORTH COMMUNICATIONS CO. (EUCC) provides all-in-one prepaid loading services, PLDT products, international texting and SMS services.  EUCC brings a fresh, innovative and more reliable approach to all-in-one prepaid loading services and IT ervices. Our goal is to meet the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and greater value of their money.

Unlike other all-in-one loading businesses, EUCC developed, maintains and operates its own system. It uses no third-party applications thus making the system more reliable. Furthermore, EUCC has designed the whole system from scratch. The design has considered the solution of existing problems encountered by all-in-one loading services today. Thus, creating a system that is more customer friendly, accurate, no frozen loads, automatic refunding, efficient and reliable.

We pride ourselves on our proven services. These are manifested by the members who came from all-in-one loading services and used our system.
In order to continue to meet our client’s needs, we are constantly improving and innovating our services. We invest on latest hardware and technologies, maintain a close relationship to our customers and adapt to their needs.

Customer friendly and reliable services makes eBIZ UPNORTH COMMUNICATIONS CO.  the ideal choice for  all-in-one loading services, IT services and other communication services.