Our System

We Own Our System

Our system is designed and developed from ground up using the latest software technology. It is developed using Microsoft .NET framework.  We make sure there are no loads in-queue to avoid "frozen loads".  We also take the initiative to give you automatic confirmation of late replies from Telcos.  In case of failed loading, our system generates an automatic refund to our members' credits so that they don't have to worry about unrefunded credits.

Our system uses mission-critical, enterprise-grade database to record members' data and transactions that is known to be fast, accurate , secure , reliable and scalable.  It can handle voluminous transactions.  It is used by big companies, banks and warehousing to store their data.  Proven to be ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) compliant, which guarantees that database transactions are processed reliably.

Processing of load request is in parallel.  It uses proprietary algorithm developed by eBiz Upnorth to process load requests simultaneously, thereby delivering faster loading.

We Love Automation

eBiz Upnorth system runs autonomously with very minimal human supervision.  Our system monitors its health status and sends SMS notifications to us if there’s a problem to ensure continuity of our service.

We Don't Overestimate Redundancy

And of course, our system is running on a redundant and fault-tolerant hardware because we hate to tell our members that we can't serve them just because our system is down.

We Own Our Datacenter

Our servers are located in EBIZ data center.  Data are stored in redundancy drives to ensure that your account information is safe.  Not only that, we create full backup and incremental backup of your data to a different data center with 99.999999999% durability - an extra added protection.

We do not use just one single server, we use multiple enterprise-grade servers.


Our system is designed to easily scale out as we need.  With very less downtime or often with no downtime at all, we add resources to give you the best service.

Network (Internet)

Our system is connected to fast, multiple gigabit internet connection with redundant backbones to different carriers.  This reliable connection provides us a consistent interconnection between our servers.